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Thread: 1.4 melee cleric builds

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    Default 1.4 melee cleric builds

    I'm a bit out of the loop here... any help?

    I heard about 51 druid... I'm frankly not too fond of my pet. Will shaman be a viable alternative?

    Also... macros? I keep seeing single target macros but none for groups.

    Thanks in advance! I'm the cookie cutter spec now...

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    It's unclear how shaman will do, it's about 50-100 DPS behind druid but could scale very well with the new spotters change and powerstone consumables in comparison. It's either going to be shaman or druid. 51/11/4 dru/inq/sham for druid, and 51/11/4 sham/inq/justi for shaman.

    As for Aoe macros, it's very simple to make them.

    For shaman you need to manually change to your AoE vengeance in addition to using the macro (and don't forget to change back to VotWS when you go back to single target DPS)-

    #show avalanche strike
    cast Strike of the maelstrom
    cast avalanche strike
    cast jolt
    cast glory of the chosen
    cast fated blow

    And for druid it's really not much of a macro, just has the pet casts in it-

    #show Wild Strike
    petcast Enraged Assault
    petcast Satyr Sweep
    cast Wild Strike
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