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Thread: Essences question

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    Default Essences question

    Looking around and can't seem to find posts on what stats to have for a Druid DPS. Common sence has me going for Crit, Wisdom, and Int, in that order. Should I just be using lessers with those stats? I have read using full lessers is better then using greaters, but I am not too sure on that either. Any posts with links would be nice or just some sound advise. Thank you for your time and help

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    Int and Wis both give 0.25 SP
    Wis gives extra 0.5 SP
    Int gives extra 1 crit

    So if you prefer crit, you prefer Int. Aside from the mana mechanics that is.

    And yes, from what I hear 6 lessers is standard for DPS specs.

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    For the cookie cutter DPS build w the pet, you need a good chunk of crit, like 25-33% to make it work better. As far as full lessers or greater + lessers, it really depends on what you want to do mostly with your cleric. I have 2 sources. One full of SC lessers (look for bis in forums) and one full of lessers and 1 greater for SP.

    Also, you can use something like the link below to build your character and see how your stats change. Might help you in reaching your SP and SC goals.


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