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Thread: New 50 Cleric: Soul Builds for PvP Warfronts

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    Default New 50 Cleric: Soul Builds for PvP Warfronts

    So I dinged 50 about a week ago, and had 0 interest in PvP prior to this. Much like I had on WoW however, the post-50 "controlled" Warfronts PvP is very attractive to me - I like to group/raid, but I never have the free time to invest in long, long hours with a guild to gear up for the higher end group/raid experiences.

    Warfronts (Battlegrounds back then) were my salvation. Quick, clean, and nearly the same time investment as acquiring epics in a group or raid setting, but nicely distributed out to fit my play schedule.

    So what I'd like to do is become as helpful as possible when I do PvP. For the last 3 days I've been PUGing Warfronts - maybe not the best value for my time, and I've considered hunting around for a server/guild that's heavy into premade PvPing to maximize my favor gained and get good experience. That's always a possibility.

    Whether I make the move or not, I've dumped several plat into trying builds out to see what worked for me the best. I'll admit it could be subjective/I had some Warfront experiences that were better than others due to luck or a better team makeup, but I believe I found the most success going deep into Warden, and by healbotting for my team. Heavy Inquistior run n' gun nuking Mage style play was interesting, but I wasted so much time/mana/effort trying to take out Rank4+ players that I felt it was pointless and didn't help others better geared/suited for the DPS role - too many times an enemy healer would eventually show up and undo all my damage. Cabalist AOE nuking style never ever worked for me because I had no one dedicated to heal me in the moment I unleashed hell in the middle of an enemy group, so I'd get burned down super quick. Melee (Shaman/Druid/Justicar) was great while I was leveling, but the burst is missing, my gear is lacking, and I get easily and overly frustrated by being snared.

    ^ tldr; I'd prefer to heal (to the delight of all the others on my team), and every so often nuke/DoT it up Inquistor style.

    So for now I'm focused on the healing side. It's very rough at Rank 1 with a single piece of PvP gear, the Liberator's Gauntlets, enchanted with spell crit. I've been through that before with WoW BGs, and I've got no problem grinding for the boots, rings, necklace, next rank, chest, legs, etc.

    So other than general new-to-Warfronts and PvP healing advice (which I've already picked up quite a bit from the forums here, thanks to many of you for that), I'd like anyone's opinion on builds. Like I stated up there, Warden seemed to work the best. Sentinel was decent, and Purifier seemed to suffer the most.

    I came up with the following:

    Prestige Rank 1
    45 in Warden (as base each build starts with), as many points in Templar as my rank allows me (10), and the rest in Sentinel. A good number of cooldowns, tons of mobility with the HoTs and Healing Breath, and damn good AoEing in Healing Flood, Healing Showers, Orbs of the Tide, and Healing Cataract.

    Prestige Rank 2
    I wonder if the 5 in Celestial Bonds is more useful than 5 in Resilient?

    Prestige Rank 3
    I'm thinking Reinforce is going to go very well with the number of HoTs and AoE healing I can dish out. That also nets me some Resilient points again, and Healing Momentum's a nice addition.

    Prestige Rank 4
    Little Off the Top sounds amazing. Does anyone know if it stacks? If I Healing Spray 3 different targets, do I get 3 stacks? Or if I drop two different types of heals?

    Prestige Rank 5
    Creepy Remedy also seems to good to be true. Enraptured Breath on crack. Greater Empowerment as well, cant wait for this Rank.

    Prestige Rank 6
    Anyone know the definition of "nearby"? Can the Spirit of Life be targeted/killed/silenced/etc?

    Thanks for any and all information in advance! Happy warring.
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    People have very different opinions on templar. Although I have one overload build, I almost never run it or anything else spec'd into templar. There's just too many other good things in other souls.

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    I put 5 points in Templar in both my 32Inq/29 Just build and my 33Sent/28Just build. Break free is so handy, and anything that reduces burst damage is nice (-15% crit chance). That being said, it really depends on the opportunity cost to you in your build, ie, how valuable is that soul and those 5 points that could be used elsewhere. In my current PvP builds its not a big deal, but I have toyed with other builds where I would not use the 5 points in Templar. For example, when the 1.4 changes go live, I will almost certainly create a 51Inq build and I dont know that I will be able to afford 5 points in Templar.
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