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Thread: Leveling PvP builds.

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    Default Leveling PvP builds.

    Sooooos, I've been leveling my cleric after getting my mage to 50, and doing quite a bit of PvP this time around on the way up. Currently just dinged 30 and at that point was running 14 inq / 12 sent /12 warden, which was hilarious by the way. The combo of the insta cast snare, the knockback from warden, and then the insta spam warden DD spell made for some really fun kiting.

    Looking for some other ideas as to good solo q specs as you move through the brackets. I don't need anything too detailed, as I can figure out what to train in what tree mostly, just some general combos that people have liked, and the reasons you liked that combo.


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    well i just dinged to 33 last night and this build is amazing in pvp now....well at least i like it, gives you plenty of survival and such
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