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Thread: Justicar Synergy Crystal

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    Default Justicar Synergy Crystal

    Asphodel's Justicar Crystal
    (2): Increases the duration of Precept of Refuge by 3 seconds.
    (4): Reduces the cooldown on Just Defense by 10 seconds.

    The first one is entirely useless with precept doing more damage then our other abilities. I was hoping for something more along the lines of the Paladin 2pc Crystal where it gave 10% more damage to some abilties.

    (2): Increases Damage of Precept of Refuge and Sovereignty by X% (10-15 probably) Something like this would be really helpful for the endgame cleric threat issue. maybe even lower it to 5% and throw in Even justice to help out aoe threat

    Anyone have any other ideas?
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    I am honestly dumbfounded by the 2 piece bonus. Why would we need it to last 3 seconds longer, its a decent threat ability that has a 100% uptime as it is...

    Maybe SoJ is getting a buff and we wont be able to macro PoR anymore?
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    A Justicar's path is not one of ease. But, hey, we do get to hit stuff.

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