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Thread: AOE heal spec

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    Default AOE heal spec


    I've dabbled a bit with the idea for a AOE heal spec, and tested it in Gilded Prophecy vs. Uruluuk. I would like to have the spec scrutinized a bit - I thought it worked pretty well, but as I don't play healing roles that much I thought I would get an expert opinoion(yours) on the matter ;)

    Soul tree - DoL Healer
    As you can see I've left 2 points unused, because they aren't critical for the main purpose of the build, and more a matter of preference.

    Doctrine of Loyalty - this is the bread and butter, instant aoe heal for all your needs - at a cheap mana cost!

    I've tried to optimize this ability by the passives in the warden and sentinel tree.

    Furthermore you have the Healing Communion and Divine Call from the Sentinel tree. Combined with Tidal surge and Touch of the light you have some excellent heal for those extra large spikes of aoe damage.

    So, basicly you stack some convictions with Bolt of Radiance, Life's Vengeance and Banish(note that convictions only stacks 1 time from this ability, and it stacks from the first tick). If you have trouble getting enough convictions in between AOE spikes(wasn't really an issue for me), you can add a point in Shards of Light to have an ekstra ranged ability, or just move close and use Strike of Judgement.

    For mana you got Cascade. As with most healers you spend alot mana, but it seemed to me I was far more durable than our other healers - I am however not sure if this was due to stats/gear or the build.

    The dps of the spec is not worth mentioning at all, but the AOE heal was pretty impressive. I have no parsings to offer since I didn't run with one. I try not to dps for other reasons than to keep convictions to a max, with a healthy timer running - to conserve mana(. Other than that you support with Healing Breath, some HOTs and an occasional Healing Grace if needed.

    What are your thoughts?

    Macro for conviction stacking
    #show Life's Vengeance
    cast Life's Vengeance
    cast Bolt of Radiance
    cast Strike of Judgement
    cast Banish

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    I don't know if you'll consider my advice to be "expert" - I do more PvP and 5 man content than anything else, but here are my thoughts on the spec:

    If you're planning on getting into melee range often, Purpose > Cascade for getting mana back. You only need to hit twice in order to get a better mana return, and you can use it twice as often. Even if I'm stuck in a situation where I need to go hit - heal - hit - heal, it's still better. Since you have 2 points to spare, I suggest putting your last 2 points into Justicar.

    Also consider getting Embolden (increase AoE heal radius by 3m). Lots of boss mechanics seem to require people to run around to dodge piles of goo on the ground and whatnot, and people get spread out. I regularly notice the 5m range difference between Healing Communion and Divine Call on my Sentinel build.

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    The melee range was solely for ekstra convictions, not mana.

    Gaining other replenish abilities would require a different soul match, and would defeat the purpose of the build

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