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Thread: 1.3 Melee PVP builds, help me out :)

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    Default 1.3 Melee PVP builds, help me out :)

    Okay, so since iv got my war to rank 6, i needed some change even though i dont have full set yet.
    My cleric is rank 2 atm, i enjoy melee.

    So Iv tried some spec i found on these boards
    (45 shaman 11 innq 10 sentinell)

    I like it, but it lacks heal debuff and break free would be nice..

    Also tried
    51 druid 15 shaman 0 sentinell
    44 druid 12 shaman 10 sentinell

    I feel it lacks abit of punch, but i do like the whole pet idea.

    Any got some success using druid for pvp?

    PS. The druid heal is so crappy i dont bother casting it, certainly neesd a buff, just compare it to the sentinell 0 point heal.DS
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    want to have some fun go 31 shaman, 26 inq, rest can go into whatever else you like. dont need a heal debuff you will blow right thru any healing done.

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