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Thread: Low level tanking help

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    Default Low level tanking help

    ok so i just did DD as a cleric tank, i did fine, however i found getting adds its a bit difficult with only the AoE that hits 2 people, is there any other AoE effects for tanks? thanks in advance

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    Well the first thing you should do is get the talent Vengeful justice.
    It means you have to sacrifice some points while lvling that would otherwise be spent on damage mitigation but the 5 target Even Justice is just a must.

    Also using heals like Doctrine of Loyalty and Doctrine of Bliss can really help for your threat generation as it also gets the +300% threat from Mien of Leadership.

    Also read the guide in my signature for a lot more information.
    Cleric tanking: Justicar guide | Justicar spreadsheet and item list
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