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Thread: Puri / Sent healing at 50

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    Default Puri / Sent healing at 50

    Hi all,

    For those of you who are healing 5-mans using the standard 34 puri/ 32sent build http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?rift...qz.E0Eobszco.0:

    what is your main heal rotation? Do you generally just repeat the long Restorative Flame big heal, or do you use others as well?

    What macros do you use? Do you have something to use your crit spells like flashover and fiery blessing, or cast time reductions like touch the light and healer's haste? Do you just put them all in one big macro?

    Do you use ward of the ancestors for the shield, or is it a waste of time/mana?

    Are there any trinkets or focus items that you think are really needed?

    Thanks! I am trying to get as many tips and tricks as I can to improve.

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    Spec: Why you put points in Healing Invocation? You wont use it so move this point to Light Efficiency.

    Rotation. Pre-fight - Use Ward of the Ancestors.
    Fight - Spam restorative flame, healing breath and put healing spray on tank. Use Ward of Ancestors every cd.

    Panic button
    cast Touch the light
    cast Flashover
    cast Restorative Flame

    Panic button 2
    cast healer haste
    cast Firey Blessing

    And its all

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    Healing rotation lol. Here is my rotation "restorative flame, healing spray refresh when timer is out" that's about 99% of my healing. Just pop cds as needed.

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