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Thread: Rate this melee build

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    Default Rate this melee build

    Thinking about using this build for endgame pvp as I'm only a few levels from cap. Any constructive feedback would be helpful. Thanks in advance...


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    For starters, this would be a decent support build eventually, if that is what you are aiming for.

    Some concerns however, starting with 36 in Shaman. For that build to really do decent damage, especially in PvP, you are going to need to stack crit, for Jolt to keep as close to 100% uptime, as that will be the main source of your output damage. Massive Blow has shown to be lackluster in PvP, and with a 15 second cooldown timer, that is a lot of points spent to buff a so-so skill.

    You will be able to mitigate decent damage later on, earlier on you will find that you may not hit for much versus higher ranked PvP opponents, leading to low numbers when healing with reparation. Also, being that a good part of your healing will come from your convictions, you need to build them quickly. If you are going to use a macro with the better shaman attacks in it, that means a slower conviction build time, equaling less healing. If you plan on standing back and hurling Bolt of Radiance, and Sovereignties, well then, that's less time doing damage with shaman abilities.

    Its a fun spec to toy around with, but I have found that this particular build just doesn't have the efficiency that a cleric should like to have when performing a support role in a group setting.

    Just my .02 -

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