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Thread: New to Rift, a little guidance please

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    Default New to Rift, a little guidance please

    I just started playing rift a few days ago, and just got to Silverwood (havent played much each day) and so far have had a lot of fun with it. However...I'm not sure if my current classpicks are what I wanted them to be. So I will explain what kind of role i would like and my plans in the game and would like some feedback if possible.

    I currently have chosen Shaman/Justicar/Warden. I enjoy playing the "jack of all kinds" role. I am mainly duoing with my fiancee (Who chose Paragon/Champion/Riftblade) and while it's working well, it doesn't seem like either of us have the ability to take mobs down quickly. I'm just not sure this will work later on, though I know Justicar/Shaman are usually paired together. Would a Chloromancer be better, as that is healing + damage simultaneously? I enjoy debuffing my enemies, buffing my allies, being able to heal while contributing some DPS to the fight (either directly or by allowing allies to deal much more damage than normal)

    I do plan on doing Rifts and I've never made it to an endgame/raiding, so I am unsure if that is something I would enjoy. I mainly want to be able to comfortably duo but be able to join in and be useful to other events as well.

    If you ever played FFXI, then how Red Mage plays is what I am looking for. It COULD deal damage, but mainly aided by making sure everyone else could work better.

    If you need any other questions answered to help me, I would be glad to. Thanks in advance. ^^

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    This is all just my opinion, but I'd say stick with the Cleric. At lower levels you won't have a heap of points to spend on our soul spec, but in later levels, you can be effective at multiple roles. if you search around a bit, there's alot of info on these boards:


    And pop in to this one as well for some idea:


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