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Thread: A few cleric beginners questions

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    Default A few cleric beginners questions

    First of all, Hi forum! first time posting in this MMORPG so
    (Purchased the game todoy morning, so be nice if i use some wrong terms. previous hardcore WOW gamer)

    I have summer break now, so it allows me to have the time to finally play hardcore again.

    I am playing a cleric, and I want to know some decent levelling builds for this class

    I LOOOOVE doing warfronts, so healing in battlegrounds will definately consume a lot of time.. Which spec is best suited for this? Same goes for instancing, needs to be healing focused.

    I also mostly go solo questing while waiting for warfronts or instances, so a very good soul for soloing would also be nice

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    Well I've not quite got to level 50 on my Cleric yet (Level 47, can't be bothered to update my sig yet)

    A few builds I used when leveling and PvPing and Dungeon running include:

    10 Justicar/17 Inquisitor/0 Cabalist this works quite well and starts early, it allows for taking on 3-4 things at once and ending with full health by using Drain Soul and Shadow's Touch in the Cooldown. This build is fairly easy with talents while leveling since you just put them into inquisitor until you get Circle of Oblivion and then whatever you want comes after.

    18 Justicar/21 Shaman/14 Inquisitor Similar to the build above except I found that it took a bit longer to start coming into its own. I've managed to tank and solo heal myself through 3-5 invasions and also use it in dungeons to solo heal when I get bored. Points go into shaman and a few more into justicar (This is the Duracell build)

    A warden build is almost a must after level 40 when healing in PvP (Due to all the interrupts, silences, stuns, gap closers and damage making hardcasting real spells impossible) I reccommend the build in my signature for WF's since it has a nice mix of HoTs and Shields (Shields give time to heal targets and also stop people getting interrupted by damage when using objectives) Pre-40 you can mess around a bit with what you like since any sort of healing will be very effective (More effective than yet another dps) I used a heavy Purifier build through my 30's which worked well. I've not tried Sentinel.

    For PvE I use a 15 Warden/XX Purifier/0 Sentinel build since I get a couple of HoTs to use on the tank and myself (With Surging Flames it turns into AoE healing, yes I use Surging Flames on myself rather than the tank, since I rarely overheal the tank) I've not yet run into any troubles since Shields do allow for time to get off big Restorative Flame heals and the short CD's I have are all quite powerful.

    A big thing about PvE healing is that there are quite a few different builds that are viable and that you could use, you really need to have a quick look at trees and builds to try and find something you find fun (As you can tell I like absorb shields)
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