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Thread: PVP TANK SPEC ( Enjoy :-P )

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    Default PVP TANK SPEC ( Enjoy :-P )

    on a scale of 1-10

    Damage - 2
    Single target healing - 6
    AoE Healing - 10
    Damage mitigation - 10
    survivability - 10


    This Spec is made to go with a sword and board, you use abilitys like bolt, soveren, lifes veng, and shards of light to stack convictions from range

    up close strike of judgement is the only ability you want to use besides the ranged ones for the fact that vengeful justice's damage is a joke, censure is worthless ( use if you really think a whopping 3% dmg does anything )

    now at first glance most people think this spec is silly, and rightfully so, when i first came up with the idea, i was like mannnnn im never gonna kill anyone

    But this spec is made to survive any amounts of focus on you not to kill people.

    When running this spec in rank 4 gear, sitting on 550 valor ( 21.9% ) it takes roughly 3-4 rank 6 melee to have a chance at bringing you down, thats without anyone else around you.

    Against casters you can generally silence them, and mitigate enough of their damage to survive a pyro for 20-30 seconds of pure focus on you, other casters you can normally heal right through the damage

    i cant log into the game atm but as far as gear, i have the DSM trinket that heals up to 3 allies for 600-700 damage (( chance to proc any time you cast a heal )) my weapon has the rune on it that gives all abilitys the chance to slow enemys by 15%, my shield has the rune that grants a 200 dmg shield chance on cast to anyone i heal, 1 greater essence is the purple hoT that heals 725 over 8 seconds, the other is the purple shield one that any heal has a chance to cast a 550 dmg shield on an allie

    now what does this spec provide? lets go through the key ability list, and the trees they come from

    templar -
    -15% chance to be crit by enemys
    any heal cast on a stun rooted or feared allie gives them a 500 dmg shield
    barb of shackles gives melee trouble when chasing you
    detaunt is self explanitory, amazing for caster and melee mitigation
    -6% dmg to any person you cast a heal on

    sentinel -
    -40% incoming damage buff for 10 seconds via healers covenant on a 2 min CD
    5 second silence on a 1 minute cd
    touch by the light + healing invocation provide nice single target burst heal
    healing breathe is arguably the best heal in the game for pvp due to instant cast and crits extemely high
    -5% incoming damage to allies any time you cast an aoe heal ( with reinforce thats a whopping 11% dmg reduction to your entire raid which is equivalent to roughly 230 valor )
    empowering light provides an AoE dispell on a relatively short cooldown

    -15% incoming damage via talents
    ability to double stack convictions when you crit with any life spell
    reprieve is a life saved, its a shame its a 5 min CD but you never know when you are gonna want to use that
    high block / parry via tank like talents
    spammable instant aoe heals
    ability to regen mana by meleeing someone once a minute

    this spec really shines on any map but BG where you can really put your raid support to use

    in bg this spec is amazing for holding the fang, but as far as heals, generally unless you have 1-2 other healers you will find difficulty since its more of a damage suppression spec than a heal spec

    why do i love this spec?

    well in my battlegroup i am generally focused by vast amounts of players, due to the huge impact ive always had in warfronts. After you pvp enough people learn who they need to take down first, and i unfortunatly am top dog on that list.
    As a pure dps, i can wreck people with an inquis / caba / sent spec made for high bursts of up to 2k.
    Alternatly i run a inquis / justi / sent spec for pvp as a dps / aoe healer which has a huge impact on keeping the group alive while still throwing out moderate to high damage.
    As a healer i generally run templar / warden / sentinel which provides alot of utility but when focused by the rank 6s i generally dont live long

    This spec on the other hand.... makes living through any amount of damage seem almost silly.

    When you are the cleric people always focus on, this spec will win warfronts for you

    perfect example was a port of scion i was in last night where i took 640k damage, the 2nd highest for either team was 210k. granted i had a healer on my back most of the time, but what is so important about this statistic? what does it mean?

    simply put, when you are getting focused by 6-10 players, THE REST OF YOUR TEAM ISNT :-)

    and even when they stop attacking you, the aoe support heals are just amazing.

    dont knock it before you try it, its the most fun ive had in any game
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