I am wondering about level 50.

I have no desire to play warden in PvP. It seems far too boring and its whateveryone else seems to do.

The build Im thinking of is based around Surging Flames and Shared Recovery. It works pretty well at 46, but that might just be because I am better than everyone else. I really dont care what anyone else says I am going to try it anyway and will judge for myself. I am just curious if someone halfway inteligent sounding has tried it before and what their thoughts were.

I tried to do a Marked by the Light/Shared Recovery build, but I felt like Marked by the Light is awful. Surging Flames seems to work pretty well besides the obvious flaw that if Im getting focused it will do nothing, I am not really worried about that though.

I actually like the power word shields in PvP even though I originally though Purifier was horrible since I dont see many on my R6 Rogue.