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Thread: Cleric tanking issues/questions

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    Default Cleric tanking issues/questions

    I know our magic mitigation isn't the greatest... but here's the problems i'm experiencing.

    Full t2 geared cleric using the 21 point cab build for pulls and extra resist. Also have 2x +27 death resist runes in items. 154 toughness, 11k+ hps group buffed. 20% parry, 22% block (without PoR)

    i have no issues holding aggro for the most part, but on quite a few trash pulls like the big groups in CC with the air elementals + wisps or in RD with the ghosts and big shade... they get REALLY raspy and 50% chance of ending in death. Running with a REALLY good chloro, just has trouble keeping me up on those groups bosses aren't really issue, except for the 2nd guy DSM who absolutely rapes me. Any tips or advice? Are others experiencing this?

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    Those are just hard pulls. They wipe groups with warrior tanks just as assuredly. Actually, I think 80% or more of the damage in them is still physical (wisp hits, elemental hits, ghost hits . . . anything but the obvious lightning strikes and void bolts which you can mostly interdict anyway).

    I blow cooldowns for those. Usually the shield preemptively then the healing-taken one as soon as I got a couple hits for threat, then reprieve and health pot after that if they're needed. If all the aoe trash is still alive after all that, your group's DPS sucks.

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