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Thread: Druid Usability

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    Default Druid Usability

    I know druids are our FOTM when it comes to raid DPS, but I won't be posting about any 31 point builds, this post is specifically for 44-51 point builds only in the druid class.

    And since there are no vocal druids outside of min-maxers using this build I would like to speak on behalf of the usability of the druid spec and hopefully give feedback to make it more playable in PVE and PVP.

    The druid class is pet dependent and works very well as a defensive function and works ok ish when trying to do damage.

    Me and my pet pull around 600 DPS on boss fights, pretty similar to the well geared sab I play with, however the Storm caller that was there easily reaches 1.2K DPS.

    That is something I am not happy about but its not the main point of this post.

    I want to look at the spirit line of talents we have, we have three spirit skills:

    Trickster spirit, Slothful spirit and Spiteful spirit

    In PVE these skills are rarely used and what makes them mostly unused is the strength of the ability in comparison to spamming another damaging skill.

    Considering most of the skills are pointless to use in PVE they are mostly forgotten.

    Trickster spirit that could be used in PVE had it's damage reduced, now it is pretty much unused and I find it will not ever be in it's current state. Also it does not scale and so remains pretty weak for a earth element type skill (Defensive Debuffing).

    In PVP Slothful spirit and Spiteful spirit are more used however outside of dueling these skills become cumbersome in combat. Firstly it is difficult to reach a target as we can only apply this to melee range characters, and yes debuffs are effectively used in warrior specs and rogue specs however druids do not have a charge ability, a stealth or a immune skill to reach their target fast or fend off a barrage of attacks.

    We do have Strength of the fae however using this skill just to give enough time to apply these debuffs is alot of time and skills to waste to just be able to apply debuffs.

    I feel the spirit line should be similar to the archon debuffs and be applied at range, naturally weaker than the archon version since they have a cooldown however this gives druids some usability at range and can give them some skills to cast when closing in the gap between the enemy and the druid other than bombard.

    Not to mention inability to affect enemies running away in PVP and the only thing druids have is their bombard cooldown, it gives druids something to do rather than just chase people until we are kited to death.

    Also this will help in PVE also since applications can be done on the move and at the correct times, rather than jumping into melee to refresh and dying, but generally no one uses it when they run into melee range anyway...

    This is by no means a great change and doesn't even change the DPS outage of the druid, however it does at least provide druids with a meaningful way to debuff a target since they have no offensive or defensive skills to allow them to do so meaningfully.
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    Ive always thought the druid soul in itself was an incomplete soul.
    They could have gone a whole different direction with it (and they initially were suppose to).
    Added more pets that buffed and debuffed.

    Allowed the pets to apply the debuffs themselves.
    Made the class itself a ranged class.

    All those would have made a class, with its specific mechanics, a lot more viable for deep investment.

    But there will be those who come and scream "ZOMG ETZ FINE ETZ TEH HIGHES DPS"
    Its not. It can be used in a build to put out the highest dps (which, the pet really adds to, because without it, its equal to shaman dps), but its [hackneyed] skill set was not thoroughly planned out. Giving it so many important debuffs (far into the root), without a way to apply them (putting charge so far into the shaman line, not giving druids a run buffs, not allowing the fairy to apply those buffs at a ranged, nor allowing them to be ranged skills so they can be applied, making their AoE root ranged, making their sleep unbreakable, any changes to those would make druids a far better pvp class instead of depending on the stupidity of your enemy). Nor any real defenses on its own (shield of oak being only physical, a pathetic heal)

    But its to be expected. Seems the classes with the most potential are just broken/underwhelming unless certain conditions are met (cabalist)
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    Thanks for replying and showing your support

    Need more druid love!!!

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