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Thread: Lower level PvP soul and Spec

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    Default Lower level PvP soul and Spec

    I'm Lvl 30, and would like to start PvP'ing on my cleric. Trouble is i don't know were to start with my spec.
    I've read thru the forums and there are a lot of solid builds out there..for lvl 50, I would like a range DPS spec. If someone could point me in the right direction, or post a solid build that would be what i'm looking for, it would be much appreciated

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    The main reason that all the PVP builds are for Level 50s is because PVP before then isn't particularly serrious, most people just do it to get the blue item for winning 5 matches of whatever new Warfront they can do and thats it.

    If you do want to get into it though, brilliant.

    Id suggest if your healing specing into Warden because the movement that you can get with that is amazing compared to other healers.

    If you go DPS don't go druid despite it being our best DPS because your pet will die constantly in PVP. And no matter what dps spec you chose i would suggest putting a few points in Justicar for the survivability and the raid healing.


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    Yea, The main reason I want to get into it no is that i don't want to have to face a huge learning curve jumping in at 50. Also was thinking that about the druid pet...seems like it would be a auto target for the enemy. Justicar is my main choice to go with from what i've seen, just wondering about a solid DPS soul.

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    I've found Warden to be the most fun in PvP while I'm leveling my Cleric. Not because I don't enjoy DPS, but because more often than not I will be the only one healing full time. There are usually plenty of Clerics, but most are either DPS or a hybrid and not healing full time.

    Healing = Winning = Having fun, especially pre-50.

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    I've had success in the 15-30 range with

    12 points in Justicar
    Instant group heal
    Instant Self heal
    instant DD
    Overall toughness
    Mein of Honor

    0 Warden
    Spamable HoT - at low levels this can account for the bulk of your healing.
    Spamable instant DD

    with the rest in Sentinel
    Healing Breath once you get Enraptured breath this is effectively an insta mini group heal on a 8 sec timer.
    Group heal
    Instant DD
    Spamable Dot
    2 sec heal
    3 sec heal (only can use with tough targets and in combo with touch the light)

    I like to start fight by tab DoT ing enemies just to build up the justicar mechanic- 4 insta cast self heals can save your bacon when you are getting chewed on by two rogues. Alternatively when you team is dumb and clumps up in an AOE your insta group heals can keep everyone up long enough for them to hopefully disperse. Doctrine of Loyalty is great.

    with 2 insta DDs and Shards of light you actually have a decent spike for killing enemies and with waterjet you can run and gun if you have to when your other DDs are on cooldown.

    The overall play is a little like the Warhammer Shaman where a little bit of offense can power your healing ability.

    This is a very survivable build where you should be able to 1v1 with anyone and still pull of 3-5 killing blows per match.

    Sentinel is a nice pair with Justicar as all their offensive spells still trigger the Justicar mechanic and from range. In warfronts I really like Shards of Light because 1) it is essentially calling a target for your PUG team and 2) once you start the channel, it doesn't break even if target breaks LOS or range. DoT, Bolt of Radiance, Life's Vengence, and Shards of Light finishes off many a runner.

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    well there are loads of pvp oriented low lvl speccs out there. you might not be able to go into your pvp soul much but to be honest in the lower levels you loose too much healing if you put more into it than 5 points anyway.
    as for pvp healing a mix of warden and sentinel is prob the way to go.

    as for the pvp side me and my freinds found it quite fun making a pvp lvling group doing instances while in the really low parts of new brackets. (20-23 ish and so on) and just stomping their teams all the way back to their bases though you prob want a full premade to make that work propperly :P its defenitely not the fastest lvling but its by far the most fun ive had lvling so far xD.

    ( my pvp alt is a rogue, my main is a cleric )

    were around lvl 32 now so wont be long until we start joining wfs again to pew pew ppl .

    // Pink Princesses 4 life
    Lillithh < WeaKSauCe > Lvl 50 Dps Cleric

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