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Thread: Trinks in Item Lists

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    Default Trinks in Item Lists

    Either I am just blind or do neither of the two item lists I have seen, Radak's and the other guy who's name I can't remember, not have trinkets in their lists? Just curious as I would mainly like to tank and am wondering if there is anything past SHoE if I can ever win it.

    Also, wonder what to get for my dps and heals spec. Thanks.
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    Default This is something I want to know from testers of 1.3

    I am hoping there will be some fun trinkets for cleric tanks in 1.3
    SHOE is great and all but 1.3 Hammerknell should bring some even better trinkets for us since it's a more difficult raid than anything else. Lifebound Relic is ok but not great. Insanity Sliver is second best to SHOE in my opinion. Token of Warding is an absolute dream item in my opinion.

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    I asked pretty much the same thing a couple weeks ago, replies were inconclusive but go on and read them:


    I have since decided to use the codex trinket over SHOE in raids because extra mitigation is more valuable there than a little more self-healing. Also because it has endurance, and according to the guy who did the BiS list, endurance is actually really great for us (whoda thunk?).

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