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Thread: New 50 PvP Help

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    Default New 50 PvP Help

    I did a bit of PvP in WoW.

    So I just got 50 this week and started doing the 50 bracket warfronts with my warden/sent/templar spec. So, in a couple nights of warfronts I figured out that I must run around with a huge X on my back because I am very often focused right from the beginning. I can handle one on me... once I get more than one, especially with all these rank 4+ folks with much more valor than I have, I go down pretty quick. I think I may set a record for deaths within one week of hitting 50. Great news is that I usually fair well (1 or 2) on the healing stats... bad news is its mostly healing myself.

    I have been using my tricks, but they dont seem to work as well as I had hoped.

    I would love to hear some maybe tips or tricks for fresh 50s when dealing with folks better geared than you especially with the Warden spec.

    Also, should I spec into something that might not die as often for some sanity or should I just push through and earn my lumps as warden?

    Edit: I would love some tips on how some of you bind or macro abilities together. We have 3 abilities that are anticaster: Quietus, Reflective Shield and Drown. Do you guys bind these together in a macro?
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    as a healer, u should get used to being the focus target. thats what the other team should be doing. as a fresh 50 with no gear, yes u will die easy and fast. good news is when u get some gear, this will change. i think i used something like this spec as a fresh 50: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=00...vxfsoco.xEbuoz

    with it, i was able to heal myself and others since enraptured breath heals me and 2 other nearby ppl, i used ripple alot which makes ur HoTs hit 5 nearby members and its on a short cooldown of 45 seconds. u also have marked by the light that also is a spread AoE heal.

    overall i think this is a decent spec to get u on ur way. u have detaunt, good mobility, HoTs, orbs, 2 silences, fast heals on a crit with serendipity, break free, a knockback, an instant cast big heal every 45 seconds, a way to remove DoTs and curses, healer's covenant to reduce inc damage, and alot of AoE type healing. as u rank up, i would probably move some points from sentinel and grab more templar but the choice is yours.

    remember there is no "cookie cutter" spec. just make a spec around ur playstyle and go with it. good luck!

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    I was much like yourself against the top dawgs on my server. When I was a freh 50 they were already around Rank 4-Rank 6. There queues were instant while the guardian queue times were anywhere from 5-20 min. Warden will make you a great mobility healer, and sentinel totally compliments the warden spec. Templar is more for your survival. The key abilities are detaunt, and break free at your level. Later on you will be able to get barb of shackles which is great against a train of melee if you use dissolution. Obviously, if you are snared and they are snared you will be getting hit. There also is a consumable boot enchant that gives you 4-5% run speed which doesn't override the rune you would have on it. If they bull rush you, then you use your knockback that's also great. It's better if you can push them over a bridge or a cliff it just depends on your positioning.

    When you have multiple people attacking you casting heals will not work as even one of them being smart enough will interrupt you. This is why 3/3 serendipity is needed from the sentinel tree. You can push out orbs of the stream, deluge, or even a healing communion in 0.5 seconds. A healing invocation would be 1.5 seconds. Casting any of these at full cast time could get you killed and is strongly advised to never be casted if under heavy fire.

    If you have a mix of rdps and mdps focusing you, pull around a corner to los. This will relieve the pressure and cause your hots to top your health because you have maybe one or two less dps on you. LOS/positioning is key.

    If healer's covenant is down which you should only use if under focus fire by 3+, as you get higher prestige rank with more valor gear you can increase this amount. If you have detaunt up with 2 people on you, use it against the stronger dpser.

    Get apothecary/foraging. Obtain heroic mana tonics as they are the best, if you become a master at knowing which heals to use as well as when your life is dictated more by your mana. Also run with mighty healing potions, the reason why these are better then tonics is because you need a burst heal. Healing potions negate healing debuffs. If every instant happens to be on cooldown, using that healing pot might be what you need to give you enough time to ride it out till they are back up again. Then you can just cycle through your cooldowns accordingly.

    Touch of light, tidal surge, healing invoc gives you an instant big heal which can be done every 45 seconds. If you crit with it you will get another healing invoc which takes 1.5 seconds to cast. Technically, if uninterrupted in 1.5 sec even with a healing debuff you can get a full life every 45 seconds if you crit the first time.

    Get protector of the flock 2/2 in sentinel. Any aoe heals you dish out will give you 5% damage reduction, once you get rank 3 you can spec in templar for reinforce to give you 6% more. Healing flood is an instant aoe heal from the warden tree. You want to keep this up on yourself as well as others, as it also will proc serendipity most of the time while giving you damage reduction.

    Positioning is everything, you must be in line of sight to heal your members while out of line of sight from the enemy. This will change constantly, so you must use your own judgement. Many dmg dealers also get tunnel vision and are persistent. Make them LOS their allies, and usually someone on your team will notice them, then proceed to kill them. If you do this enough times eventually you will outnumber the enemy then you can make your push as a group. Even the best dmg dealers mess up this sometimes thinking their rambo.

    As a healer never travel alone, perhaps you could live through that 1 on 1, but unless its defending a node you aren't contributing as much as you could if you were healing multile people as well as yourself.

    As a general rule, everyone's health becomes a priority to me unless I fall to 50% then I top myself and being healing everyone else again. Against a good group, you wil usually heal yourself more then others this is natural. If they all beat on you, your team will beat on them, the longer you can keep yourself the better odds your team has. However, this goes hand in hand also in your abilty to keep someone else up while they are getting focus fired.

    Use Quietus first as its the 5 sec duration against a caster, then drown as that's the 3 second duration due to diminshing returns. Never the other way around. I usually save Quietus for a healer when he already has melee on him. If I see a warrior heading towards the cleric, a 5 second silence is better then his 3 second bull rush stun.

    Good luck

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