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Thread: Anti-Gank build help?

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    Default Anti-Gank build help?

    I am now level 49. And it seems now I get gank every 5 min by some honorless Defiant Rogue or Warrior. I dont do much PVP and have been a hevy Justicar for leveling and raids. But this Build does nothing for me when I am by myself. Can someone please help me with a build and mabye macro to help against these scum. It usually is a lone rouge, or a warrior and rogue combo. Thank you my fellow Gaurdians.

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    I would recomend getting the templar soul if you havent already and use the 0 point skill. It will break you out and give you a short immunity.

    It also helps for pve. it takes you out of the AP crustals and DD caccoons and such.

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