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Thread: High five Trion! (Take a hike QQrs)

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    Default High five Trion! (Take a hike QQrs)

    I read the forums a lot and refrain from posting, but I feel it might be time to at least give a high five to Trion and a nut punch to the QQers.

    To Trion- Keep doing what you're doing. As a Cleric main I would rather see small buffs here and there as opposed to a huge buff followed by a nerf bat. I play all aspects of the cleric whether for PvE / PvP / Soloing etc. I use every role available (Even the occasional range DPS). Yes, the rDPS could use work. On the other hand, the mDPS specs are great, and the support specs are by far my favorite to play as a Cleric.

    ---For everyone who trolls about "You should just click the unsub button and join me"---

    Go away, all you do is clog up the forums that I enjoy reading for knowledge. Most of us don't care if you don't like the game, or if you want to go to The Old Republic. News flash- TOR will have THE SAME ISSUES. It's an MMO, and EVERY MMO will have similiar issues. Look at the history of all games of this genre. As for your "Bold statement of quitting", no one cares, you aren't important and we are going to continue enjoying the game.

    Oh, and for someone who doesn't like Trion and is unsatisfied with the game, you sure do spend a lot of time replying to the posts on your thread about quitting.. Interesting that you will spend MORE time on the forums for a game you QUIT.

    Bah, Trion- Keep up the good work.

    -Sheldor, Defiant Cleric of Deepstrike

    P.S: /High Five if you enjoy Rift!.

    If you reply with more QQs, you're just proving my point about the quitters still posting ;)
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    QQ I just got nut punched. Nerf nut punches. QQQQQQQ.

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