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Thread: Witchstone vs. Weaponstone Math (bad) inside.

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    Default Witchstone vs. Weaponstone Math (bad) inside.

    So basically this is from a dummy fight I did with a hammer, with no stone at all. I think a few mathematical things are a bit off but this is basically correct.

    Using 31/24/11 Druid Shaman Inq
    4:45 fight on the boss dummy.

    211804 total damage done.
    Magic dmg=64.90%
    Physical dmg=35.10%
    Magic Crit % Avg=31.67%
    Physical Crit % Avg=39.40%

    Which would give
    Total Damage % from Magic crits 21%
    Total Damage % from Physical crits 13.79%

    So then....
    44478*1.15=51151 Magic Dmg with a witchstone
    29207*1.15=33589 Physical Damage with a weaponstone

    So then....
    6673/285 seconds =23.414 DPS increase for a Staff

    4382/285 seconds =15.375 DPS increase

    So in conclusion according to witchstones/weaponstones, a witchstone will be ~8.039 DPS increase over a weaponstone.

    NOW I had this in my guild forums, and now I started thinking a little bit. A witchstone actually only increases crit from a SPELL. A lot of those elemental attacks aren't actually spells. Some of them won't proc a trinket "on damaging spell" so I don't think it gets the benefit of the witchstone. I don't really feel like doing math again, but it is basically a wash or very minimal using one over the other.

    Now on the otherhand, and I have not tested it, as I do not have a 29 dps dagger to use. But a 1h dagger and a whetstone on paper is actually better than a 2h

    It adds 12 damage,

    12/12 Min/Max at 1.8 is a 13.3 DPS increase on the weapon.

    If it is just 12 min or Max, it is still 6.667 dps on the weapon.

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    I haven't really read through your math but I think the parse is much too low. Go for 10minutes or better longer. Even on 10 minute parses I end up with times where Jolt RNG crits up to 10% times more from parse to parse.
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