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Thread: The Wardisitor - because sometimes you just can't decide

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    Default The Wardisitor - because sometimes you just can't decide

    I hereby present the Wardisitor!

    TLDR; version: Did it for the lulz.

    Disclaimer: This is entirely a fun & toying around spec. This build is thus not solely based around what gives you the biggest numbers. After all, we've got 5 roles now, there should be room for stuff like this.

    The build is a hybrid between healing and damage, mixed with some rather style-based decisions. It utilizes Water Jet and Soul Lance as its main nukes, both were chosen for style reasons only. I suppose you could make a hybrid build that does considerably more damage if you base it on Castigation etc., but where's the fun in that. Also, the Purifier self-shield is very useful for picking up ore and herbs while some creep is hitting you.

    Basically, doing damage goes like this:
    - Sanction Heretic
    - Vex
    - Soul Lance or Water Jet*
    - If you need AoE, Circle of Oblivion

    *depending on the target's HP, whether you need to move, or just what you feel like today

    Mana regeneration:
    -Aggressive Renewal
    - Cascade

    Health regeneration:
    - Vex + Contempt
    - Harsh Discipline
    - Warden heals when those are not enough

    - 2 Knockbacks (Crushing Wave and Excommunicate)
    - Short renewable CC (Bewilder)
    - Purge
    - AoE Fear (Trepidation)
    - Spell Reflect (Glassy Reflection)
    - Silence (Drown)
    - Snare (Impede)
    - Cleanse (Curative + Cleansing Waters)
    - Self shield (Shield of the Ancestors)
    - Standard Rezz (Well of Life)
    - Water breathing (Blessing of the Sea)

    Healing is straightforward - it's a real Wardisitor build minus some optional talents and stuff you'd usually take from Sentinel/Purifier. You'll have lower healing output and utility, but are still fairly competent.

    I've not used this build in instances so far, but out in the open, doing rifts with some people, or elite group quests, it comes quite handy, as kill speed often does not matter that much, but having an almost full-blown healer at any time who is not totally useless when no healing is required can come in very handy.
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    The Wardisitor - because sometimes you just can't decide!

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    Actually..this has been my Cleric's build since Beta 5.

    In reading the info on your notes on doing damage..you're sort of hurting yourself DPS wise.

    With a Warden / Inquisitor / Purifier build..it should go something similar to this...

    Dehydrate first (takes a bit to cast so it's good to lead off with), then Vex, then Sanction Heretic, then Drown.

    Now the last 3 can go in any order really, but Dehydrate needs to come first, at least initially so you can get the jump on the mob. Once into the fight, use Dehydrate as needed of course. After that Waterjet is good for a quick, punch-style nuke. Soul Drain after DoTing so you can hit all the mobs at once, and if you're 31 into Inquisitor, follow that with Circle of Oblivion.

    In the Inq tree you gotta make sure to take the talent to allow Vex to heal you for 90% of the damage it does, and the talent to increase Vex's damage output by 50%. In your linked build I saw where you took those, so that's good.

    With regards to healing, Orbs of the Stream before the fight starts. This gives you enough time to lay down all your DoTs and get the ball rolling. Then Healing Spray and Soothing Stream while in the fight, and don't forget Deluge's capacity to heal based on the HoTs you currently have running..

    Deluge: Immerses the ally, healing them for 245 to 250 health. In addition, Revitalizing Water heals the ally for 50 health for each active heal over time effect on the ally cast by the caster, up to a maximum of 6.

    That 6 is significant. Soothing Stream will stack 4x, plus healing Spray which makes 5. The reason for the 6 is that the last available is the team heal called Healing Flood. With all 6 in place, that's a additional 300 health in addition to the 245-250 Deluge heals in and of itself.

    The Purifier shield is pretty self explanatory. Get in trouble, pop shield and start putting HoTs back up and getting out of your immediate trouble. If you happen to be a in a fight where you bit off just a little more than you can chew, the Shield of the Ancestors recycles every 30 seconds so that gives you a 30 second window to focus on your healing / survival while using the active shield time to toss out your DoTs.

    The playstyle for this, requires you go in with a understanding of the concept of attrition. You can go in, DoT the hell out of all the mobs, using Dehydrate once the fight has started to double up with Vex, and then step back if it's intensive, and just heal yourself until the DoTs kill all the mobs off.

    It's not burst DPS, and it's what some would consider slow. However it's inexorable and based on your own personal skill and effectiveness, you can destroy crowds of mobs like this and walk away.

    There's been many fights with elite mobs of equal level where I walked away with full health thanks to the heals and full mana thanks to Aggressive Renewal.

    My Cleric using this build can hit stage 5 in most minor rifts with little to no difficulty..I just roar in, gather up the mobs using Vex (With time constraints it's easier than using Dehydrate), throw Sanction, and / or Drown on any toughies I see, and then Soul Drain / Circle of Oblivion them while keeping HoTs running.

    The beauty of this spec is that it takes advantage of a limitation in the mechanics of the game really. In general, the game allows you to either heal, or do DPS but not both simultaneously, unless it's a specialty attack designed to do both.

    With this build, your HoTs are healing you which frees up time for you to get in and do damage, circumventing the limitation to a extent. And that advantage plus the talents for Vex make this build very, very strong.

    One thing, and I know it's a personal issue to most or a issue of stats perhaps, but my Cleric uses a one hander and a shield over a 2H weapon. I've seen several cases where he blocks in this build, and even at a loss of stats, I think the shield is worth it for survivability.

    Edit: It occured to me I left out Fanaticism and Spiritual Deficiency. If you're not the target of aggro, Spiritual Deficiency, then Fanaticism, then Bolt of Depravity is great for punching a huge hole in the mob. Yes, Depravity is slow but with the prior two chained together it makes for quite the bomb on the mob.
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    On of my pug WF builds. Basically you are ridiculously mobile and able to harass the enemy team while having pretty amazing survivability. What you do is cover yourself with 4x SS and keep that up at all times so it's a little cumbersome to watch it but not bad. Run into enemy team and place vex on all enemy players then when you find one you want to single out (usually I aim for casters because of drown) you hit them with Dehydrate, Vex, Sanctum, and then Drown when they begin to cast something. Be sure to use purge each time it is off cd as well. Filler spell is water jet which is great due to the mobility. When enemy team begins to try and focus you down go defensive. Get orbs up, and then try to maintain all 5 hots up, deluging as needed and make sure that you have detaunt on whoever you think will hurt you the most.

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