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Thread: Low Level Healing Advise

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    Default Low Level Healing Advise

    Hey, I recently made an alt healer for fun, mainly because I saw how much fun the chloromancer was. So I thought I would try rolling an alt with my buddies and I was wanting some advice for healing low level instances such as rotf ect. (I am level 18)

    I am leveling with Shaman/Druid/Justicar.

    My first pass at making a pure healing build came up with 18/6/0 Purifier/Warden/Sentinel. Even at first glance I noticed I had no aoe heals. I am an experienced player and I can forsee things quite well, which is why I thought I could pull off Purifier as it seems a lot of their heals are proactive rather than reactive.

    Will this work, or should I go a different spec with a little more versitility i.e. aoe heals ect.. ?

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    Same situation here. Bump for some suggestions.

    Although I will say, from my experience, having AOE heals is really important, especially in a dungeon like DSM where Gatekeeper does a pretty hefty amount of AOE damage on normal. There are other bosses as well, but this is the earliest fight I can remember where AOE damage was dangerous.

    I was looking at the Sentinel tree for the majority of my points, off-points going into Warden to keep HoTs on the Tank. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable stops by.
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    I'm not entirely experienced in healing seeing as I'm new to the game, but I hit 19 lately and do a mix of PvP, questing, and rifting. I'm top healing in everything I've done, and my spec looks like this:

    Sentiniel (majority of my points), Inq (for DPS) 6 points, Warden 2 points. I'm 19 and currently have:
    • An instant cast HoT
    • An instant cast direct heal
    • A two second main heal
    • An AoE heal
    • A main heal with a HoT added
    • A huge 3 second single target heal
    • Also I get a dispell which is INCREDIBLE for PvP.
    With the few points in Inq, I kill things at a great rate. I'll pull -- DoT, DoT, instant cast hit, pull another (repeat), and pull another until it's a constant chain pull while you have about 3 on you at a time. It's pretty easy to handle, and I'm using a 2-H mace.

    Hope it helps!

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    I found Sentinel to be better at lower levels. I'd do an 18/6 Sent/warden build.

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    As far as I know, u dont need to worry about wich healing spec is the TOP til lvl 50. Just roll the one that make u enjoy healing. For me I love to Purifie Heal...I get so excite when I see the tank getting low HP while I still casting than I see he life going all full again.
    So my advice is....test some differentes builds and play the one u enjoy more.
    When u get to lvl 50 u start working in diff build for diff raids and situations.

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    I must say that I’m a very experienced healer, however, like many people will say, there are many ways to do it effectively. My preference has always been, the way that requires the least amount of work.

    With that we have: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html
    This build is a Purifier/Warden/Sent. This should make your job relatively simple. Rotation is easy:
    HoT with: Healing Spray
    Shield with: Ward of the Ancestors
    Tank Pulls
    Keep HoT refreshed
    Use restorative Flame as main healing ability
    Use Healing Current for an extra hot and some burst heal
    Use Searing Transfusion as an oh sh*t button.
    Keep Ward of the Ancestors on tank as soon as it’s back up.
    USE HEALING BREATH EVERY TIME ITS UP!!! (as long as someone needs hp).

    With this comes a few things. The tank has to be awake. He has to hold the agro or else you’re doomed. If he can hold the agro off the other players, then you can heal with while sleeping. Also, there are a few pulls in ROTF where it could get ugly. If your tank has decent gear, you can save your shield for when your DPS out damages your tanks agro. It’s all up to you.

    This spec gives the highest HPS until about 30ish, then Warden and Sentinel take over.

    Good luck!
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