I complained about Pets pulling aggro, even from mobs that I pass with ease, at the end of the last Beta. I've spoken with other people so frustrated by their pets pulling aggro that they've sworn never to summon them again. After reading Bowler Hat's post, The Druids Satyr and his bogus tooltip of doom I decided to post this request for this most obvious of solutions.

Please Improve the Pet Commands.

I don't use the Satyr while playing my Druid, the Satyr doesn't hold aggro (though he pulls tons of it), and he doesn't heal. Not saying I want to see that changed just saying it doesn't suit me. So, I use the Faerie. Among the problems that I have while using the Faerie, is that she stands so far away while we are fighting, completely out of my range of sight, and while so far behind me she usually pulls an add or two. In order to get her to fight alittle closer to me, at least close enough for me to see the mobs she pulls, I have to spam the "Follow" command.

I was thinking that the Follow command could be improved. Say, if it is used while in Combat, the Pet stops what its doing and comes to stand Beside, Alongside, to one side, of the player-char and then continues to fight from there. That way the "Follow" command would only have to be pressed one time, during the GCD.

the Follow command could also be improved for out of combat as well, to address Bowler Hat's post, the out-of-combat Follow command could always cause the pet to stand at a specific spot around the player-char.

Unless, of course, Trion likes the idea of unruly pets.