Hello all, at work atm so i cant post my build. But its a build i found here at the forum. Its 3x Sent and 3x purifier. Im doing fine, but when i have to start moveing it become hard to heal. Since i have to stand still for 3s to cast my heal.

And yeah i know that i have more then 2 3sec heals, but when tank/group takes massive dmg i cant survive on expensive instant casts heal whit CD.

In sent theres a spell named Shared recovery. What it does is heal both me and the ally for xxx amount hp. Its also on a 1sec casting time if i spend 3 points into it. dont have that one but im thinking it might be a good thing to have when there is alot of aoe dmg.

What i realy whant is some new short casting time spells. Or just a L2p puri/sent guide