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Thread: Melee clerics in 50 dungeons

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    Default Melee clerics in 50 dungeons

    So I'm fairly new to the game. I'm trying to decide between a Chloromancer and a Cleric. I like the idea of playing melee dps as a cleric (probably Druid/Shaman/Justicar for a bit of survivability) or being a healing mage and have enjoyed both play styles so far.

    I'm curious to see if I'll have a hard time finding groups as a melee cleric at 50. Though I'm not opposed to the occasional cleric healing run, the cleric healing style isn't appealing to me. I don't want to get pigeon-holed at 50 as a direct (cleric) healer.

    Let me know what you think (and please be kind!).

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    Appropriately spec'd (and geared) melee clerics can output a ton of dps, so it shouldn't be a problem.

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    I've heard from friendly on the server that melee clerics aren't taken, because their cleric spots are taken by healers. So they'd rather have other classes do dps so they can get their own drops.
    Clerics are also treated as healers. I've heard people call the class 'healer' many times (ie. should i roll warrior, rogue, or healer?).

    Also, the lack of patch notes makes this game's dps cleric feel like the dps Shaman in WoW = neglected.

    But I can't say for sure. But the lack of attention put on the two melee dps specs (both 1-macro playstyles, with no special 'fun' abilities), makes me seem Trion had their attention placed elsewhere
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    Honestly ive never had problems finding groups as a druid cleric, but then again i run mainly with guild for T2, and i pull 1k+ dps which is always a good reason for me to go.

    But honestly with 4 classes and 5 spots, someone has to double up, so you just have to fight your way in to double up with a cleric healer or find yourself a chloro healer to start groups with.

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