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Thread: Place(s) to AoE (lvl 30-35)

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    Default Place(s) to AoE (lvl 30-35)

    Hi folks.

    I'm now dual boxing, and leveling a second cleric along side my main cleric, and am looking for a spot(s) to AoE from 30-35 or so. I've been at Stone Grove from 28-30, but frankly as quick as they die (seems half of them are 1/2 hp and 1/2 xp per, but come in 3s), it still is a good run from pack to pack. Is there any spots between 30-35 for effective AoEing?

    I'm thinking there's minimal, seems this is the zone to be in, and everything is just so spread out. I've been running around looking for other spots, but fail to find any without casters or archers that I can't easily LoS and group up.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be most appreciated!
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