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Thread: healing spec

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    Default healing spec

    ive repecced several times now and cant get to something i like. so i came up with this http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=00...0E0zzaz.xE0Loz what do you guys think with the shields plus the hots


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    Seems inferior to puri/sent 34/32. You want fewer strong heals. Lots of impotent heals isn't going to cut it. Maybe after the next patch more specs will work better, but right now it doesn't look very good. I wanted to do a spec similar to this, but it just wasn't working. I like the idea of shields and hots, but in practice it just doesn't work very well. Sent is just too strong of a healer to ignore, every patch has pushed healers into speccing sent. I've retired my puri/warden build for now. I hope the changes will make it viable.
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