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Thread: End game Healing Build - Looking for feedback

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    Default End game Healing Build - Looking for feedback

    This is a 26 warden, 20 sent, 20 purifier build. I am new to end game and I would like some feedback on if this build will work or if it will fall short.

    The reason I chose this build is it seems to give us the best of all worlds. Ward of the ancestors, Flashover, Touch the light, searing transfusion and healer's covenant seem to be more than enough to handle spike damage. Ripple and Soothing Stream should be able to handle the AOE healing and we get Cascade to help with mana recovery.

    Yes it falls short on the big shield and big heal of purifier. And we don't get the big AOE heals from warden or sentinel. But do we need them? Has anyone tried this build?

    I'm looking for constructive feedback positive or negative on this build What do you guys think?

    Warden (26) / Sentinel (20) / Purifier (20)
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    The problem with spreading out a build with ~20 pts in each tree is that you miss out on some of the higher mid tier talents, notably Serendipity, Tidal Resonance, Overflow, Rising Waters, and Surging Flames (depending on which trees you would otherwise favor to place more points into). Serendipity is, in fact, such an amazing talent that it would be hard to justify rolling enough points in Sentinel to obtain Healing Invocation and not picking it up along with it.

    Beyond this, you miss out on a Battle Res in Life's Return and an instant cast AoE heal in Divine Call.

    By no means does this mean that such a build cannot work, but there are talents that have been missed that do tend to make a huge impact on your performance, especially when solo-healing.

    Also, when it comes down to AoE healing on an on demand basis, nothing comes close to Healing Communion.
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    you could possibly run it...but i mean, you'd have to use so many keybinds for this and it's not like it would be more effective...by not going up warden, you're missing out on 30% more deluge healing...that's 30% you have to make up somewhere else...same with sent, missing out on 30% hot...once again, you have to make this up somewhere else...the way i see it, you'll just be cycling thru your CD's nonstop trying to play catch up on the weaker deluge or the weaker HI...

    now i'm jus speaking if you want the smoothest transition when getting into experts...i welcome that you're trying out new things and i may try a similar spec someday...still, the cookie cutters are there for a reason..

    51 ward/15 sent...
    44 ward/22 sent...
    34 puri/32 sent or 34 sent/32 puri...
    and the senticar

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    It's going to fall short. If you only want the shield from purifier you should only go 16 in.

    If you're determined to go 20 in you should be taking Ancesteral Flame over Enflamed Rejuvenation. ER is a 10% chance for your next heal to be 30% higher, meaning it's a 3% boost to your healing power. AF is more like a 15% boost.

    In Sentinel, if you're going in it beyond some leftover points from a 51 point spec you NEED to go 26 points. Serendipity is an extremely good skill. It effectively doubles the healing/sec of your next cast (with archon buffs up it's a 125% boost rather than 100%). Sent is a tree that rewards crit, you get a higher return from crits and you get your next heal faster. With a 25% crit rate, Serendipity increases your healing/sec by 25% (31.25% with an archon buffing you). Even if you use absolutely nothing else in the tree serendipity is 26 points for a 25/31.25% boost, that makes it better than the rather common 1 point=1% skills scattered through all three trees. In reality, if you're taking sent and have the points you'll be going 21 for the group cure and healers covenant. So you're really looking at another 5 to pick up serendipity (plus divine call for an extra bonus).

    Unlike sentinel and purifier which best work together in a 3x/3x split warden is really an all or nothing spec. Unlike the other two, the 36 point skill is huge, and the 38, 44, and 51 skills are all very valuable. Depending on how you're looking at is a 26 warden/20 sentinel/20 purifier is either wasting 26 in warden or wasting 40 in the others. The hot's miss out on some major boosts that are required to make them valuable, you're not getting the amazing group heal power from the tree, and your healing/sec won't be high enough to justify stopping a chain cast of RF or HI in order to apply them.

    Decide what you want your spec to do and then pick the trees to use from there.

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    Honestly, as others have said, it's a fairly bad spec. I have no intention of insulting you, but I do want to provide you with a very candid assessment of how it performs.

    1. You've got most of your points in warden, but not enough to make it effective. You take still waters (reduce deluge cooldown), but don't take rising waters (bonus healing on deluge). That doesn't make any sense. If you're going to use it as your big heal, you need it fully talented, and if you aren't going to use it then you need no talents in it. You also miss out on nearly all of the aoe healing goodies in the warden tree.

    2. You do the same thing in sentinel that you did in warden. You grab Healing invocation, but don't talent it out to make it better. You miss out on the very useful aoe cleanse.

    3. The exact same mistake again in purifier. You don't take the talent that boosts Restorative Flame.

    As it stands, your build has no good primary heal. You will be far behind other clerics when it comes to single target healing, because your three choices--deluge, healing invocation, and restorative flame--don't have the talents in them to make them pontent. Instead of limiting yourself to one or two good options, you have the freedom to choose between 3 bad options.
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    Healing tri-specs just don't work as well as bi-specs. The 26-32 abilities in each of the trees are very necessary and you have none of them. I don't like cookie cutter specs, but your forced into them at 50. Even by level 40 some of the off specs start showing their ugly heads. You need to pick your staple heal and fully spec it or it won't cut it.
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    You definitely want one spec at least 32-34 points in, you are just spread too thin.

    I would probably recommend a 51 point Warden Spec, with 15 Sent (or 10 sent/5 purifier). As well as a 34/32 Pur/Sent, or Sent/Pur spec. I feel like my Warden spec is very good when on the move in some fights, but it doesn't have the CD's that the Pur/Sent build has that help out A LOT on some fights. Wardens have great AoE/Raid healing up high as well, which I use when raiding. I feel the Pur/Sent is a more solid single target healer though.

    Just my 2 cents.
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