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Thread: Hit 50 - Now what?

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    Default Hit 50 - Now what?

    First of all, I'm a healer.

    Obviously I plan on running T1's and T2's/raids. I just hit 50 an hour or so ago, and have no idea where to start to get gear. I'm trying to do normal AP/CC runs but my server is pretty dead and they take a while to form. Is there anything I should be saving for? I think I'm going to save Planarite for the Sigil of the Five first, not sure if that is wise. I guess what I'm asking is, what stats am I going to need to start doing T1's.. I've also read a bit on specs, and I really enjoy the Sent/Puri build that everyone talks about. I'm also a little interested in exactly how hard the healing is in T1's... is it very hard? Lots of my friends say one or the other, so I'm not too sure which is more accurate.

    Anyways, any kind of help would be amazing.
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    try doin some higher lvl quests in stillmoor and SS...some decent quest items...or there's the rep grinds in SS and stillmoor...grinding rifts for essences and planarite...check your AH for essences and/or item upgrades...when you get into T1's make sure you loot each boss to get your plaque...i didn't bother wasting my plaques on the first tier items, saved for the elder relic guy...starting out, i'd try to make sure there's a chloro in the party...after you get comfortable, you can try solo healing or running with a bard...there's some decent pvp gear out there too if u don't mind grinding out wf's...

    i'd say being able to heal instances is only liek 40% on u (MT/aoe healing, cleansing, CD's)...the other 40% on the tank (gear, rotations, mitigation, CD's, aggro)...and 20% on the party knowing the mechanics and staying out of aoe dmg and/or switching targets, etc...

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