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Thread: Cleric abilities not working correct?

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    Default Cleric abilities not working correct?

    So i made a cleric a few days ago, and noticed some wierd things to say the least.

    1. Okey, so i pick my target that i want to heal, the target runs behind a wall, tree, whatever.
    While my target is out of range, my group needs a group heal, but i couldnt do my group heal since my target is out of range, what has groups heals to do with what target i have? Can somebody please explain this to me.
    If i have a target that is out of range, i cant use group heals? Sounds very very odd.
    They dont have anything to do with eachother, group heals are aoe, you dont have to target anything in order to cast it.

    2. I pick a target i want to heal, my target dies and the 2 sec cast didnt stop, my character actually continues to cast it? If i pick a target, i pick a target doesnt matter if he is dead, or alive.
    The game shouldnt make decisions for me, i should make my own, if my target dies while i tried to heal him the cast i was about to cast on him should stop. and i should still target the corpse (ressing fast, and continue)

    Im sure i will notice more stuff later on.

    If someone has any tips, or hints on how to fix this, please share, this is driving me insain.

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    1) Group heals aren't quite based on PBAoE yet, other than Doctrine of Loyalty I believe. Your casted group heals attempt to heal an AoE around the target, so if they're out of range you'll get that message.

    2 sounds like possibly lag to me, as I haven't noticed this on my cleric.

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    1. yea, you have to read the tooltip carefully...some aoe heals are centered around you...some around your target...for the ones centered around your target, you may want to make a cast@self macro...

    2. i also don't have this problem...i think it's lag...but i'm with you that i wish i didn't lose target when someone dies so that i can insta rez immediately...

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