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Thread: New to Clerics

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    Default New to Clerics

    Hello everyone

    Since ive fairly new to Clerics, and rift, I was wondering if Clerics can do awesome damage? Comparable to warriors and mages and such... And if so please post that build if you please

    Also is there any awesome leveling guide for clerics out there that you guys can refer me too? ^^)

    Would love to have some awnsers

    And yes I know I'm a noob so don't go and flame me

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    If you had looked at the very first page of this forum, just a few posts down from the one you just made, you would have seen a leveling guide.


    These forums have a lot of great information on them, you just need to look.
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    >Forum search

    That said, Clerics have the best sustained AOE grinding via Inquisitor (lol Fanat/SD). Clerics have mediocre single target DPS in Druid/Shaman and poor single target DPS in Inquisitor. Hopefully that last point will change with 1.2 with the changes to Inquisitor armors and BoD proc.

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