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    If you don't like the name, have seen the build before, or simply feel like trolling is fun: Go make another thread and troll about this thread in that thread. Keep this thread constructive.

    This is about PvP and only PvP.
    Went nuts about dying too easy as a dps, but still wanted to do some damage every now and then. (Play full warden mainly) So I decided to just get a big chunk of survivability and then go for dps with whats left and try to manage. Here is the result:

    This build can take a beating and got quite some supporthealing and selfhealing. It can also handle AoE very well and at least do moderate singletarget dps. I find myself almost unkillable unless focused.

    I must say that one really nice thing is the combination of survivability and good aoe. I can run in to a group, get stunned, get out, pop Fanaticism and a Soul Drain at half casting time with Quick recovery and watch the numbers. After that I Vex people up, spam some instant life damage spells, heal up, go in and cast another. It might not earn me the killing blows that focused singletarget dps would, but it sure as hell keeps the enemy healers using their mana rapidly, and in good situations four people drop dead just like that.

    Thoughts? Comments? Ideas? Hugs?

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    I'll give anybody that doesn't go cookie cutter but thinks of a build by themselves a hug.

    And maybe Justinqlar is a better name.
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