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Thread: getting new souls & hybrid build....

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    Default getting new souls & hybrid build....

    I'm pretty new- my highest level character is 11 right now. My cleric is 10, and currently doing Justicar/Shaman with Purifier for the shield (and eventually some healing spells). It's ok, but now that I understand the classes a little more, I'd really like to go the Inquisitor route.

    So how much of a pain is it to get the other soul to switch it out? I've only got about 3.5 hours played, so if it's not that hard, it may be easier to just roll an inquisitor from the start.

    Also, if I don't really want to use the cabalist tree, what goes well with the inquistor? I'd like to have at least one healing soul... from the builds I was looking at, it seems like Warden would have some synergy at low points in the tree, but I wasn't sure what else.

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    you can pick up the quests in the main starting city (iirc you have to be L13 to get them).

    Basically the quest is: close a rift, use an item, kill a mob, return to npc & get new soul. very easy to do, takes maybe 30 minutes max.

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