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Thread: LVL 18 Cleric What is the best lvling build for cleric

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    Default LVL 18 Cleric What is the best lvling build for cleric

    Hey Guys some really great input and builds for when i hit lvl 50. I did read and tried out that aoe spec that one guy had but that offered but i found that it wasnt that good when the bad guys got on top of u.

    right now i am using the one build that i read on the forums for a dps build. For a lvling Cleric what build is the best for survivabilty and damage. Since i am doing a dps build I don't see any 2h weapons for clerics so does that mean that we shouldnt be considereing melee dps builds. ?

    Again thanks


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    good info here

    and here

    read through both those will get TONS of leveling build ideas

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