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Thread: Beginner healing as Cleric

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    Default Beginner healing as Cleric

    After getting bored of running the same T2s and GS on my Warrior tank, I wanted to roll a Cleric for healing since I like playing classes that are in biggest demands for groups, as well as my mains being a Prot Warrior and a Holy Priest when I used to play WoW.

    She's only level 20, but I'm looking for a beginner healing build to start healing dungeons and such. I've heard mixed opinions from all the Clerics in my guild, so I thought I'd ask here to see what would be best, and what a possible talent build I should start using to build off of.

    Currently 20 Sent / 6 Puri.

    Can anyone give me a good starting build or advice I can run off of?
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    I personally found Puri / sent to be really good at low level healing. Warden doesn't really get good until higher levels. A Sent/puri build could work equally well. Not sure what else you're looking to know.

    You might try my Purifent guide:

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