Need some advice from some folks who are a little more experienced at this type of MMO than myself...
To start this off... let's get a few things out in the open: I'm completely new to this type of button-sequence combat mechanic, new to the spell lists, ability lists, ways that the spell mechanics stack, etc...
In a word... I Suck. That said... let's continue.

My searching of the forums thus far has netted me a bunch of information regarding spell/class utility that I'm still trying to parse through as I associate the Rift-specific ability acronyms to tangible spells I can look up in the Soul Tree Calculator. Still working through that.

here's my build at Level 25 (25/6/2 Inq/Sent/Cab)

Inquisitor: Focus is currently on the DoTs, as they are my staple for managing multiple mobs and keeping me healed.
Sentinel: I'm a cleric... seems wrong NOT to have the ability to heal at least a little.
Cabalist: Originally I had warden in this 3rd spot up to the crashing wave so I had two "GTF Off me" abilities... but Sent6 and Cab2 gave me better healing, and I like the cabalist distorted shadows for when my soul drain is on cooldown.

So, my questions for those that are knowledgeable on the subject are:

1. My DPS doesn't seem to be on par with a lvl equivalent mage/melee. Is the Cleric inquisitor an inferior DPS build, or am I "doing it wrong"?

2. I get prison-f**ed in PVP consistently... mostly I chalk this up to my complete lack of skill, but even now after I've more or less figured out my spell rotation, I'm still incapable of going one on one with a mage or warrior. (Tips are appreciated here from fellow inquisitors)

3. In PVE, what are considered "traditional" tactics for pulling at-level mobs and not getting gang-banged if I'm running solo? 2-3 seems to be my limit at the moment, anymore than that and I get my lunch packed.

4. Macros: I've been messing with the macros to cut my button mashing down a little, but a good majority of the cleric abilities don't have spell cooldowns, and I can't seem to get the macros to move on to the next spell when everything is on the same global cooldown. Some examples of macros and a good explanation of the @mouselook would be awesome. I'm assuming @mouselook means just that: When my pointer is hovering over something, then my macro will target it... but (since I use my keyboard for a lot of my movement, leaving my pointer looking at the sky) does that mean if I tab to the nearest mob and use the @mouselook macro it'll target whatever my mouse is "looking" at?

5. How does spell power, healing amplification, damage reduction, etc... stack between two souls? Example: If I have 5 points in the Sentinels Spell power line (5%), and 5 points in the Cabalist spell power line (5%) did my spellpower just go up by 10%, or did I just waste 5 points? Does the stacking work the same way for spellpower as it does for spell crits, healing crits, spell/healing amplification etc...

Basic Strategies that I currently use for sucking in PVE (basically the same for PVP too):

--> Single Pull Spell Rotation
Bolt of Depravity
Spiritual Deficiency
Sanction Heretic
Life's Vengeance (Sentinel)
Bolt of Judgement
--> Group Pull Spell Rotation
Bolt of Depravity on the big guy
Spiritual Deficiency on the big guy
Sanction Heretic on the big guy
Vex, Vex, Vex, Vex, spiritual def. all over his little buddies
Soul Drain the group
Bolt of Judgement or Distorted Shadows (Depending on the number of mobs left after soul drain)
Life's Vengeance (Sentinel) finisher for folks with a sliver left
--> As required to replenish the green or the blue bar
Harsh Discipline
Aggessive Renewal
Healing Grace (if time allows)
Healing Breath (If I'm taking it like a cheerleader in Football locker room)
Gear is all "Warrior Cleric" specced with Wisdom, endurance, intelligence, etc... Some PVP Blues, some Event/Rift reward Purples
Currently trying to level my armorcrafting so I can make myself some respectable armor... but that's looking like it might take a while.

So... some advice from some of the folks in game that could help speed me along the road of not completely blowing would be much appreciated.