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Thread: PvP and sword n board

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    Default PvP and sword n board

    I just had a quick question about using a shield in PvP. Would the small amount of armor and slight chance to block make using sword and board better in PvP or am I better off using a staff with more spellpower? Oh and I'm talking about using a healing spec, not justicar. Thanks in advance.

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    Unless you are tanking, using a shield is ****ing POINTLESS as a cleric.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Froster View Post
    Unless you are tanking, using a shield is ****ing POINTLESS as a cleric.

    Tried it, just out of curiosity. I couldn't re-equip my two-hander fast enough.

    Silly rabbit, shields are for tanks.

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    I notice that you can't block attack from dps cleric and mages
    Rogue minus MM and ranger don't attack u headon anyway so shield is useless as well.
    Bard attack is undefendable.
    The only reason you EQ a shield is because of warrior and rogue and we all know how OP they are .
    Even then you need to get into melee range to get block buff.
    Shield is only useful in PvE since for some reason ,you can block boss magical attack

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