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Thread: Are Clerics the worst class in game?

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    Default Are Clerics the worst class in game?

    Ok, so I started a cleric and leveled it up all the way to 50, doing T1/T2 and Raids

    It was all fun until I hit 50.

    1) Clerics are horrible healers.

    I have to admit that I come from games where healers where rewarded with being the "game winners"

    Bring a good healer to your raid/pvp/dungeon and win. Even if ppl did stuff wrong badly, you still had a chance to win with a good healer. Now jump to Rift Clerics. Doing T1/T2 u need two healers. Not two clerics. a cleric and someone who actually saves the group by healing everyone. The clerics best role is to heal spam the tank by repeadly pressing "1". Good Job! Why cant clerics heal T1/T2 content in the respective T1/T2 gear OR ABOVE

    2) Clerics as tanks are not real tanks

    Again, I played this game as a cleric tank up from starting instances to T2. I have to say, it was fun until T1 and pretty easy.

    Now I bought all T1 tank items, have 90% epic gear, brought my best raid equiped guild healers (cleric/chloro) to a T2 instance and .... died. again, again and again. I did really well as a tank in T1 even with random, badly equiped ppl. but T2? No chance. Why cant a properly skilled cleric in FULL T1 EQUIP, fully enchanted, not tank a T2 instance like they are supposed to be?

    3) Cleric DPS

    I admit this seems to be the role they fit best. Just the other classes are better at it

    Trion really needs to look at the role of the "Healer", the cleric and FIX IT

    What went wrong here? Do we always need another healer to save the group? Why are we tanks but cant tank endgame? Why does the shaman suck in the actual game?
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    I stopped reading after you said "Clerics were horrible healers.."

    Lemme know when the black tar ****** wears off.

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    I have to disagree with your assessment as Clerics are horrible healers.

    I have run T1s and have kept the entire party alive. I am not currently T2 ready but will be shortly.

    If there is a problem with the rest of the group, it is generally because a lot of them have been pulling some form of aggro from the main tank or were not following instructions that keep an entire group alive through every boss encounter.

    I will admit that during every run there is at least one chloro/bard in the group, they are assisting me in doing my job. I have been able to heal an entire party through difficult situations.
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    I hope this is a troll post...

    If you are full t1 equipped (120 toughness normally) 9k+ hp and still having issues staying alive... you have bad healers or your rotation is horrible. I have tanked every instance in the game while gearing up and was constantly told how much easier I was to heal than war/rogues. Now that im starting to get GSB equip it is getting ridiculous how easy t2's are. Most T2 encounters are solo healable now.

    Shaman is not our best DPS soul, 31Druid/25sham/10inq is. Pumping out 900dps on raid bosses is no joke.

    The healer thing has been beat to death, chloros are great BUT they cant do what clerics can do. I would rather have a chloro healing my group but a cleric healing me in a raid.

    Judging from your post, you did not search the forums on how to Tank, DPS or heal. OR you are just trolling...
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