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Thread: Warfront level 50 healing builds?

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    Default Warfront level 50 healing builds?

    Hey I was just wondering what people's favorite builds were for Warfronts at lvl 50?

    I've tried my standard warden healing build and the controversial "justinel" both worked okay but with warden I drop like a ton of bricks and with Justicar/Sent I lose mana pretty quick with no real regen skills other than 1 melee one.

    A search led me to tons of whine posts about Clerics being unstoppable (I wish) and Clerics not healing in WF. So please share your favorite WF builds, I'd appreciate it.


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    I've been running with a build similar to this:


    I forget where I put the last point, but that one point won't make a gigantic difference. I only have 5 in the Templar because I haven't pvp'd much since hitting level 50.

    However, I find this build to have a good amount of survivability. If you have 1 person on you, just Detaunt, stack some hots, and ignore them. Only time I die is when there is a co-ordinated effort between many people and they do smart stuff like silence and stun.

    Keeping other people alive is also fairly easy unless they're getting focused on.

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    Check in that thread, my buddy put up his rank 6 spec and his lower rank spec for Healing in Warfronts.

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