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Thread: Solo and world PVP, introducing the War-Justin

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    Default Solo and world PVP, introducing the War-Justin


    I haven't really seen a spec like the one I use, I based my spec on the good old soullink days from vanilla WoW. It uses 29 Justicar, 26 Inquisitor and 11 Warden.

    This spec lacks burst dmg, but is totally designed for survivability to take any target down, regardless of class or spec, it simply takes some time, but always prevails. The main advantages are:

    Crowd Control
    knockbacks: 30 sec cd excommunicate and 15 sec cd crushing wave.
    snare: 8 sec cd, 50% snare, with 3 sec root added to it from humility, extremely useful with the knockbacks.
    stun: 20 sec cd, 2 sec stun from sovereignty.

    parry: instant parry cap from devout deflection
    dissolution: removes all snare and root effects and makes you immune for 8 seconds.
    shield of faith: -15% dmg
    armor of virtue: 15% extra armor

    salvation: heals you, though it isn't a lot cause your dmg will mostly come from inq abilities, it's still decent.
    doctrine of bliss: 4 instant heals, provided you used light based attacks and since vex is the only shadow dmg spell you use, it shouldn't be difficult to have 4 convictions all the time (including light makes right)
    vex: heals you for 90% of the dmg caused
    harsh discipline: for a moderate heal
    healing current and healing spray: for some modest healing.

    censure and spiritual deficiency: 15 sec, 3% extra magic dmg and 1 min, 7% extra magic dmg on your target.
    destructive tide: 10% extra dmg on your instant casts, and you have 5 instant dmg spells and 2 dots.
    melee attack in case you're silenced.

    How does it work: simply put, the parry and dmg reduction will make all rogues and warriors pretty easy to beat, especially cause you can heal as well. Let Vex and Sanction Heretic do their damage over time, kite them and knockback when necessary. Use bolt of judgement whenever your target is at a distance, otherwise use waterjet & bolt of radiance.

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    I would modify the points just a bit to this:

    The root and stun from Justicar are ok, but if you switch those points into warden you can get Orbs of the Steam which is just awesome for PvP. Also you'll get Drown which is a 3 second silence on a 30 second cooldown. Very nice for dealing with casters. Really I guess it's just a playstyle preference but your main damage is from Inquisitor as you say.

    Justicar is just such a cool soul because there are so many different things that you can blend with it for different types of playstyles.
    Bokor - Cleric (Warrior Priest)

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    Never even saw restorative tide. Imo it's better than the stun and also gives the aoe hot.

    Too bad I can't edit my 1st post.

    Ah well, here for my improved spec: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=00....Exkb0t0o.Vxbz
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