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Thread: Senticar!!!

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    Default Senticar!!!

    Can somebody please link me a soul build for this and explain to me why people talk about this spec and why it is so good ?

    Also is it viable in pvp or second best to a normal healing/melee build

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    Is the one I use, which I've so originally named the Senticarden. The "pure" senticar removes the 8 points in Warden and instead takes an additional 5 in Justicar for the res with the other 3 going to Sentinel I believe.

    The value in it is that it has a big heal for range while being highly mobile and loaded with fast (instant) group heals, a group cure, battle resses, and a little dps. It's capable of main healing when required though not the best at it, where it truly shines is in group support. It's in with the melee so group curing them isn't an issue, it has protect the flock constantly on to reduce damage to people, and can heal 10 people at once.

    That's what makes it so good. It's not the sort of build you want several of in a raid but 1 per raid is excellent and in experts it can be used as either the main or support healer though I don't prefer it in those settings because a large portion of it's value comes from melee which is somewhat limited in experts.

    No idea about the pvp value, I don't pvp.
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