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Thread: Need help with healing

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    Default Need help with healing

    I've never healed in an MMO before only ever done dps and tank. Im trying healing and failing hard. I think I need a good macro or something? Im only level 26 and i got a puri/sent spec with as much on puri as i can the rest on sent. Im trying to time my heals but the tanks always die and im being told im not healing properly and I either rage quit or get booted. ANY HELP WOULD BE AWESOME FOR A NOOB HEALER! Thanks!

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    While I have no claim to being a great healer (in Rift at least) there are a couple suggestions that never hurt.

    Look into using a macro to mouse over heal. Sometimes the difference between a good and a bad healer is just the ability to quickly select the appropriate targets. Mouse over healing helps with that.

    If your really struggling try the Warden soul. It's healing over time spells make healing more proactive and less reactive.

    You can practice your healing by joining public Rift groups and ignore trying to dps. Many ppl in a rift are surprised when anyone takes the time to heal them so there is very liitle stress about failing. Practise always helps.

    The last tip I'd give you already have started... Get out on the boards and ask for tips.
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    Under combat options selecting "show target's target" and cast on target's target" help alot. It will allow you to keep your tank selected while still being able to toss out the occasional damaging spells during a lul without changing targets.

    Also setting up a focus target (/focus playername) and binding your focus key to something easily reached ( I use shift) will allow you to have the tank selected while also having somebody else who seems to be taking alot of damage setup to simply hit your focus key and cast on that person without switching off of your tank.

    I also didn't care for the long cast times of the Sentinel/Purifier souls. I currently run with a Warden/Sent build which is more mobile as most of the warden heals are instant cast and only really use the longer casting Sent heals in combination with touch the light, making it instant. Works out great. You just have to be vigilant about keeping your HoTs up.

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