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Thread: rift elites

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    Default rift elites

    Tried a bunch of different specs with justicar but i guess S&B in the face is not the way to go, is there a ranged spec with snare that could pull if off maybe, could someone share theirs with me?

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    You cannot snare/cc the elite bosses or the bonus elite bosses

    If you go into justicar enough for salvation bonus, -15% damage and 2-3 points in parry, you don't need a shield at all for them though, and either inquisitor, shaman or druid pair along with it just fine.
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    There are some elites you simply can't solo (I call them elite masters since that's what they were in LOTRO). I use my tanking 2h build. You can find my build from when I was 49 in my blog. The third soul is up to you in the long run, and shouldn't impact your ability to solo elites. I was able to take on two level 50 elites a few days ago. It was a rough fight, but felt good afterwards.

    The post with the build is: http://tehkrizz.wordpress.com/2011/03/22/rift-16/
    My dungeon experiences and builds as a 2h Cleric tank are posted on my blog. All T1 and most T2 expert dungeons complete.

    I've also posted the coordinates for all exploration achievements on my website (redesign in the works): http://tehkrizz.net/RIFT/exploration.php

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