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Thread: Low Level PvP Healing Souls

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    Default Low Level PvP Healing Souls

    What's the best way to build a PvP healing role starting from low levels?

    I enjoy PvP but have never played a healer. I'm going to be constant queueing for WFs and switching over to healing while leveling Shaman for quests.

    I'm level 14 right now. Where should I start my healing role, where should I end up?


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    I like Warden/Purifier/Sentinel.

    Warden heals passively, purifier absorbs damage, sentinel has instaheals.
    Plus warden and sentinel has their fair share of dots and shards of light so far is pretty nice.

    Currently level 20 and loving it. ^_^

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    I'm interested in this as well. I'm doing a shaman/justicar build in warfronts right now, but I'd like a low-level healing spec for warfronts for the times we don't have a "real" healer around!

    Posting some builds would be nice as well.

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