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Thread: Warden / Sentinel Build

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    Default Warden / Sentinel Build

    Hey everyone,

    I'm not too sure if this build has been posted before, so please forgive me if it already is:


    38 Warden / 28 Sentinel / 0 Templar (for pvp skill break free; could be swapped for purifier for shield)

    Anyways I'm only level 41 right now and this is a concept build for 50. I'm not too sure about how this will work in raiding / pvp at level 50.

    Here is my thoughts about this build:

    - Since HoT ticks seem to crit all the time, serendipity will give me a lot of near-instant cast Deluge.

    - 2-min cooldown on 40% dmg reduction which boosts the effectiveness of the HoTs.

    - Tidal Resonance will also activate on HoT crits, which further increases Mana efficiency.

    I guess this build is more focused on single target healing with the Warden soul.

    Constructive criticism and suggestions are more than welcome and encouraged .


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    I use the same souls but with some tweaks.

    1. Not going 5 templar is a waste of the soul. That is the bare minimum allowed. 15% reduction in crit chance, break free, and detaunt are money in the bank.

    2. Deluge loses out in real PvP situations because it isn't realistic that you will have your hots on targets when needing to make quick reactionary heal. More often than not, you won't have enough hots on target at that spec to make use of revitalizing waters from deluge and will actually heal for less than using a sentinel heal. (I actually ran numbers on this through several warfronts, heh).

    Personally, I dont put any points into abilities that increase effectiveness of deluge ...and instead use the warden synergy with sentinel to serendepity cast invocations, ect.
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