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Thread: Question about Clerics for Clerics

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    Default Question about Clerics for Clerics

    Hey I posted this on my shard forum but decided to put it here as well because I really am curious to here what people, Clerics in particular, have to say.

    After a month of playing around with classes, roles, crafting, and the general forums I am ready to roll my " main" and get to 50 in two days and then get bored and quit. Just kidding about that last part!

    So everything I have seen/ learned about in game point me towards rolling a Cleric. Being able to fill any role the game (within limits), using mana (love magic-based characters), and the strong RP possibilities all point to Cleric. One problem. When I play a cleric I fill like I am "settling".

    Does anyone else get this feeling? Anyone know why?

    signed One Sad Cleric who kinda wants to be a Mage or a Warrior..or both! Wait....

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    Only thing that annoys me about my Cleric is I always get forced into healing.

    Yes, I can heal.

    No, I said I didn't want to.

    I can pull more DPS than about 90% of the T2 PuG's I've seen, along with healing as much as the healer on some fights (it's not uncommon to end some fights, even boss fights, with the highest DPS and HPS). I don't want to be stuck pressing 3, spamming Healing Invocation while everyone else goes pure DPS (and still do less than I do).

    Annoys me when I'm expected to heal because I can, but Mages (even if they have chloro) act like they are wronged if asked to heal.
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