If you want to roll a cleric and heal and have tons of fun, here is the way to go

Roll Warden/sentinel/purifier

Warden: Has low healing numbers, compared to other spells and scales badly, making it ineffective for healing later on. okay swing and a miss there is still 2 souls you can use.

Purifier: Okay this guy got shields and a nifty instant, heal cool you think I cast the shields and spam the instant heal. WRONG!!!!! Shields don't scale with spellpower, so to all you whiners who think they are oh so op, go to hell. Then there is the instant heal, it does not heal enough to help anything survive if your spamming, unlike the Sentinel version, which is pretty nifty but has a huge cd, so all classes will just let you use that and then instant kill you within the next 6 seconds. This Soul is so bugged just forget it and never look back. Bugged meaning shields don't scale making it ****.

Only half decent healing soul we have, all in all it works pretty well, it does aoe, healing so you can heal more than one person at the time, Except the group heals are INSANELY expensive, so you can throw a few of them and go out of mana, then you think ah okay ill just get my mana back. NO you can't mana Regen skills are ****, and the 1 good one is not even in the healing tree, ofc you can use the 5 plat a day on mana pots, but tbh that is lame all my money should not go to that, then there is drinking. You just have to go out of combat for a good long time which your party will be dead by then.

All in all the healing aspect of cleric is broken,
Either change the way, or spells scale, give us mana regen abilities or increase healing somehow, Because if you enter pvp, you cannot heal anything there, everything takes way to much damage.

then there is expert, you thought cleric sucks at pvp ill just pve its properly nice for that right?
NO! it is not!
Experts are cool and all that, but you almost always needs a bard or cloro for offhealing, or do the heavy healing encounters, making bringing a cleric along kinda lame. The best healer class is not good enough to heal the smallest of high level things.

Healing is brutal. unforgiving, and in general a pain.
Im am quite okay with it not being really easy, but atm its way to broken

All I am asking is to fix spells so they scale well, and give us proper tools to survive stuff, or give us damage to blow stuff up. Because Atm clerics do not have proper tools.

So if you wanna heal I recommend going, rogue
Seeing the can both Dps/tank/heal there healer class does not have mana issues or scaling issues, and have decent cc, and can also specc good ranged to stay away and survive.

or go mage seing cloro/warlock or whatever it is
Has more damage than cleric, and can heal quite well

and save yourself all the pain from being auto attack to death from bards, because they kept healing and you ran oom, or the frustration of trying to kill a cloro when they got 2 times your damage and can out-heal your damage with ease.

Just save me the lame arguments, like play in an guild group in wfs and you will be okay, no I spam heal them and they say I do really well, but they die so fast.

Fix damage by nerfing it, but seeing that will properly piss someone off, I say fix clerics and give them decent survivability and heals,

Also not native English speaker but I doubt, understanding will be a problem.