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Thread: A DPS Cleric that is diappointed with the "Inquisitor" Soul

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    Default A DPS Cleric that is diappointed with the "Inquisitor" Soul

    I do great in war fronts and instances but I find the more I spend in "Inquisitor" the less I like it.

    I am currently running this spec

    But I should be running this spec

    Spells like Bolt of Judgement, Aggressive Renewal, Harsh Discipline and Life and Death Concord are junk.

    My rotation is Vex, Sanction, Banish, Impede, spam Waterjet, Crushing Wave and healz as needed.

    I WIN with this all the time.

    The "Inquisitor" tree should be my honey, but it isn't.

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    Default Play to the strengths?

    I guess it all depends on what you are looking to do but you may be spending too many points in Ward/Sent for survivability but i think the bonus you are really seeing is dmg.
    Your current ward spec gets you your 10% to insta dmg, 10% improved hots. For abilities you get an insta hot, casted heal and crushing wave(knockback) waterjet spam does look attractive though. For the 15 seconds that you spam waterjet you can really dish dmg compared to both inq dots

    A lvl24 PvE (Inq/Just/Sent) rotation that I was working on: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=00rjd.VdM..ExzV
    Vex/Sanc(macro) - BoJ/BoR (macro) - Censure/Spirit Def(macro) - vex/Imp(macro)

    At level 30: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=00ejd.VV0z..Ebzbx
    Vex/Sanc(macro) - BoJ/BoR (macro) - Banish/Imp(macro) - Censure/Spirit Def(macro)
    I tried a straight rotation and stuck to it because it did pretty well. Often I found myself pulling with BoD and following up with Ban/imp then spam vex/sanc to (boj/bor (repeat)) until target was dead (usually one rotation) for a bit of variety but for the most part stuck to one thing.

    When grouped i debuff targets for others and hang back and dot/nuke/heal

    The Inq/Just/Sent combo works pretty well. 10 points into Just is all you have to go for your first mein. You can dish out dmg and be a support healer without ever really pulling agro in a duo or grp. You also get a self heal, group heal and dmg debuffs.
    The Life dmg spells in Inq and Sent constantly feed you with doctrins to keep you and your party up. In pvp it is great. As sad as it is, with doctrine of loyalty, I can keep my group up in BG and place 4th in heals.. so sad!

    The tools you get in inq are the best part of the soul. Debuffs, insta snares, confusion, mana return and tons of instas are great to have. I duo a lot so the help from justi suits the playstyle and situation I am in most often. In PvP, as I am sure you have seen, the Inq does really well because of those tools.

    not sure if any of that helps but there you go.
    I'll have to get some combatlogs for inq/ward and compare to my current spec & rotation.

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    I love my inquisitor. nice dps, and some nasty aoe. I paired mine with cabalist/purifier, even though i have no points in purifier atm; and most of points in cabalist are just damage increases. i went all the way to the top of the tree, and at 46 im destroying things pretty quick.

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    I like my Inq, and personally I think you have too many points in other souls. I maxxed Inq when levelling until I had gotten it to 26 I think, or maybe 31. Anyway there are a lot of good abilities through 31 points at least that really synergize with the other abilities, for example a faster BoJ making BoD proc, or the points that greatly boost the damage from Vex and SH, or fanaticism coupled with Soul Drain.
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    Both your builds contain 2 healing souls. Not only that but the passives you pick don't support your DPS. Its a bad build and I would expect either of them to be disappointing for what you expect them to do. Pick 1 healing soul and put in Cabalist or inq and you will find far superior performance.

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    My thoughts lately as I've been experimenting with different combinations of the Inquisitor soul/class:

    Should affect ALL channeled spells. Why suggest pairing it with cabalist and giving so many channeled spells only to have this ability affect 2 of them?

    I would also like to maybe see a branch from Lethargy that would increase the snare by, say 5% per rank, for a total of 5 ranks. This would give us another option of reaching 51 points without HAVING to buy Castigation. I'm not fond of it, and I hardly ever use Bolt of Judgement as it just doesn't seem to give the punch when coupled with different talents from other trees. An extra 25% snare for at most 3 seconds wouldn't be too overpowered I don't think considering some classes get up to 90%.

    Armor of Treachery:
    I really can't be quite sure why this is a root ability. Sure, extra damage to our abilities is nice and perhaps the ac is nice if a Justicar takes inquisitor to that point, but no PURE inquisitor should ever be getting hit. Or at least I hope not. Also, Armor of Devotion gives us Endurance which is better suited to live through casters / AEs / DoTs. Remove this altogether and give the inquisitor more flexibility / utility. Perhaps another mez, sleep or stun spell?

    Accuse Heretic:
    4% Mana
    Your harsh judgment strikes fear into your target, stunning them for 5 seconds. Any action taken against the target cancels this effect. May only be maintained on a single target.

    That way, it's a minor CC but even debuffing or snaring them nullifies it. (shrug, just a random thought but trying not to make it TOO powerful here) It may not be appropriate at level 6, but things could be moved around to compensate. Perhaps putting it at 10 and purge at 6?

    Ritual of Judgment:
    I think this may have affected ALL inquisitor spells during beta, I can't be sure. Forcing us to buy Castigation and then not allowing a passive ability that has one of our staple spells names' in it, is ludicrous to say the least. This should affect Bolt of Judgment as well as Vex and Sanction Heretic so that actually spamming for Life&Death Concord procs is actually more beneficial than spamming Bolt of Depravity on its own. (this is at least what I've read of preliminary test results. I have no conclusive evidence to back it up but it's just my own opinion on the matter) This would probably make my first suggestion obsolete as well as giving our single target DPS soul a boost to DPS if heavily spec'd into it.

    This is just my personal view from playing the class for a while.

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    They should make Bolt of Judgment balanced around a 2s cast spell...since it is a 2s cast spell.

    As it is, it is balanced for a 1.5s, so dumping 5 points into Castigation just makes the skill not sub-par for it's cast time. Simply dumb.

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